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Lukas Lauermann Video: Trusion/ Clusion

“I couldn’t listen to the music because of the hideous repulsive and disturbing images in the video.” someone on Youtube <3


Opening Track of the Album ‘I N’

Idea, script, direction, production, camera, editing : MIMU MERZ & MARKUS ZAHRADNIK

Actresses and actors (in order of their appearance):
Annegret Ganser
Naemi Latzer
Harwin Kravitz
Jeanne-Marie Bertram
Monika Rabofsky
Max Boehme
Michael Hackl
Heinz Bauer
Constanze Friedel
Julia Haimburger
Fabian Pollack
Regina Bauer
Lukas Lauermann

Special thanks :
Emily Berghaus, Miriam Schmidtke, Nini Spagl, Gregor Klingenbrunner, Johann Heimberger, Mayerhof Niedernondorf and Dorfgemeinschaft Niederwaltenreith .

Music recorded and mixed by Oliver Brunbauer , written and played by Lukas Lauermann .


Label : col legno (www.col-legno.com)
Booking : stephanie.kroen@medienmanufaktur.com


Supported by Österreichischer Musikfonds .